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Personalised Aprons – Why One Size Does Not Fit All.


                    Here at Cookify we are delighted by the recent surge in the popularity of home baking and cooking meals from scratch. In a 2015 poll conducted by Harris Interactive on

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Christmas Baking For Kids

christmas baking

                      Simple Christmas Kids Recipes For Your Family From the middle of November family life starts gearing up towards the big day – December 25th whether this is baby’s first

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This time it’s personal!

personalised aprons

How technology has allowed us to say it with personalised aprons (and oven gloves)…   By Sally Berrie at Cookify Growing up in the 1980s I can remember the excitement of finding special ‘named’ products, such as key rings, bookmarks

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Why baking vegetable cakes is more than just a fad.


By Sally Berrie at Cookify In 2015 the Food and Nutrition element of the New Curriculum for Design and Technology has been applauded by teachers, parents and nutritionists for its focus on teaching the practical skills to cook healthy meals

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Why It’s OK To Bake Cakes & Biscuits With Your Kids


Why It’s OK To Bake Cakes & Biscuits With Your Kids. By Sally Berrie at Cookify Childhood obesity and the associated long term health risks are a growing concern and dominate the headlines. According to NHS statistics in 2012 up

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Kids cooking ideas – Summer Recipes To Make With Kids


  A kids cooking barbecue party is a great way of spending time with your children as they learn new skills that benefit them way beyond the kitchen. With the summer school holidays upon us why not host a barbecue

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How to choose the right apron to get kids cooking.

choose your kids cooking apron

There is no doubt that cooking is a fun activity for kids – at home or at school. Whether they are helping out with the family meal or embarking on a bigger baking project. If kids have their own cooking

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Top 10 reasons to get cooking with kids


Family life is busy – there’s no denying it. During the week days especially the demands of school, work and afterschool activities all add up meaning that it can be tricky for everyone to find the time sit to eat

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5 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids


School dinners vs. lunchboxes for kids. School dinners provide a daily varied hot meal, giving children an opportunity to try new foods they may not have eaten (or in some cases have eaten but not liked) at home. However for

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How To Set Up A School Cookery Club


The pupils at Marshgate Primary School in Richmond have been lucky enough to take part in parent led cookery lessons. These are funded by the Parent Staff Association and offer the opportunity for every child to have one cookery club

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