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Let's Celebrate Mother's Day

For us, Mother's Day feels like it's nearly the start of Spring - with Mother's Day on 19th March 2023 and the first day of Spring heralded on Monday 20th March. Both events make us think of daffodils, lighter colours and hopefully taking off a layer or two of our winter woolies!

Where is Mother's Day Celebrated?

Looking at who celebrates Mother's Day, there are approximately 50 countries around the world, mostly on different dates, spanning from February through to November. Quite a spread of countries and dates throughout the globe! Some are tied in with other relevant dates within their calendar - for example Thailand holds Mother's Day on their Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's birthday which is the 12th August. 

Going right back, as Mother's Day traditionally is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, its symbolism was marked by returning to a "mother church", although these days, there is less link to Church or religion.

Mother's Day Gifts

We've done some research on how much people spend on Mother's Day and it's quite a pretty penny!

In the UK, retailers expect to sell around 50 million cards and £260 million worth of flowers - that's a lot of flowers. Other popular gifts include:

  • Gardening tools and housewares
  • Music or books (digital or physical)
  • Jewellery
  • Brunch, lunch or dinner
  • Gift cards
  • Personal services, such as a spa day or retreats
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Clothing

Cookify's Thoughtful Gifts For Mother's Day

Depending on your Mum's style, one of our personalised, vintage-themed or humous aprons, chef hats or mugs is sure to be hit.

Visit our Mother's Day Collection and let your Mum know how much you appreciate her time in the kitchen thought the year.


Personalised Mother's Day Apron

The pretty pastel colour of our personalised Kitchen Queen apron has an English tea party style that is reminisent of Spring colours and makes us feel that it's on it's way with the opportunity to have tea in the garden on the way.

Whoever does the washing will be pleased that they are easy to wash and hard-wearing!

World's Greatest Mum Mug 

As part of our fun kitchenware line, we're delighted with this new Mother's Day Mug - proclaiming World's Greatest Mum Ever in a pretty bright pink and gold pattern.  There will be no mistaking who's mug this is. 


World's Greatest Mum Ever Mug

Animal Lover Mugs

As animal lover's ourselves, we've introduced some new fun mugs - here are two of our favourites, Mad Cat Lady and My Dog Loves Me Best. A great idea for a Mother's Day present.

Mother's Day Mugs - Fun Gifts on Mother's Day


Hopefully, by the time Mother's Day arrives this year, we may be able to be out and about a bit more. However, if you prefer to cook your own Mother's Day gift, how about these recipe ideas from Good Housekeeping?

If it's a Dad and kids cook up, how about this dipped fruit with chocolate sauce recipe from BBC Good Food? A great simple recipe that kids will enjoy making and dipping their fingers in as well as the strawberries.  We know from cooking with our family, it's generally a messy affair...

Why not visit our Mother's Day Collection

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