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Easter Gifts and Recipe Ideas - Easter Cooking at Home

Easter is only a few short weeks away and it feels particularly welcome this year.

It's a great time to do some family cooking with lots of seasonal favourites that we love to make and share.

Easter gifts - English vintage tea party kitchenware

These are our top 5 favourite Easter Recipes from BBC Good Food.

Hot Cross Buns - wonderfully fragrant and moreish! Traditionally first eaten on Good Friday to represent the crucifixion. There is also a lead going back to a monk in St Albans who made a similar bun to distribute to the poor on Good Friday.

Roast Lamb - a classic Easter Sunday family main course. This tradition goes back to referencing Jesus being the Lamb of God.

Easter Brownie Bites - Easter is a festival where there needs to be no explanation to enjoy chocolate. These are a great treat to bake with children.

Simnel Cake - for those who are feeling a little over chocolate! Simnel cake is a light fruit cake decorated with a top of marzipan and 11 small balls of marzipan around the edge. These balls represent the apostles, but minus Judas. Simnel cake is also linked to Mother's Day.

Herby Spring Chicken - a change to roast lamb if you're looking for a little less washing up!

Stuffed Butternut Squash - for a lovely vegetarian main course and can be adapted for vegans. We love the combination of squash and sage, particularly with pine nuts.

Making shaped biscuits with children is a fun activity for school holiday time and Easter is no exception. Cutters are readily available for biscuit shaping and if using a rolled out royal icing/fondant icing, can also be used to cut out a perfectly shaped icing topping.  We've realised that once the biscuits are cooked and slightly cooled, re-cut the biscuits using the same cutter and you get a great clean outline - leaving a few tasty edge bits for trying in advance!

We've found this fabulous edible bunting recipe that would be fun to make whilst wearing our aprons with bunting on them!

Edible Bunting Biscuits

Easter Kitchenware Gifts - For all the Family

We've put together a lovely collection of Easter Kitchenware Gifts for all your family and friends. This collection highlights two of our favourite styles - vintage and retro.

The lovely designs on our vintage aprons and other kitchenware reflect an English Tea party feel, looking to afternoon teas after a morning baking for family and friends.


Easter kitchenware gifts for family

Pretty and stylish gifts for passionate bakers!




Why not get the Queen of the Kitchen her own apron?


Why not browse our full Easter Collection?

If the weather is cold over the Easter holidays, there are some great resources for childrens' crafts - how about one of these Easter classics?

Pompom Easter rabbit cards

Toilet roll Easter rabbits