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Gifts for Veganuary 2021

If you can believe it, Veganuary has been inspiring many people to try veganism in January since 2014. 

The rise of vegan food, restaurants and our knowledge of adding more vegetables, pulses and seeds to our diets, coupled with a wider understanding of climate challenges has encouraged a huge uptake. 2020 was of particular note and saw a huge shift towards a vegan lifestyle and diet.

The official Veganuary website indicates that 400,000 people took up the pledge in January 2020, over 50,000 more sign-ups than their usual target. The increase in the mainstream availability of vegan options was highlighted when Deliveroo announced orders of vegan dishes almost doubled when compared to previous years, increasing by 78%.

Home cooking vegan dishes for all the family is popular amongst teens, keen to experience different ways of eating and not least, to try and influence their parents eating habits!

So what is Veganism?

Like vegetarianism, veganism is often classified by what isn't eaten, rather than what is. But to clarify, vegans don't eat any animal products. For example - meat, fish, eggs, dairy plus hidden animal based ingredients, like rennet (used for setting cheese), honey or gelatine (from boiled animal bones). But the list for what vegans do eat is much longer! Beans, pulses, berries, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, creales, tofu and the list goes on.

How does a vegan eat protein?

One of the main questions someone wondering about trying a vegan diet is where does the protein come from?  Some of the best vegan sources of protein are tofu, lentils, beans, seeds and grains.  Protein isn't just found in meat, fish and dairy products, there are plenty of vegan options. For most traditional protein sources, there is now a vegan alternative. The supermarket shelves and freezer departments are full of alternatives, from vegan steak to vegan fishfingers.

Veganuary have a great website full of useful resources for those thinking about a vegan lifestyle or those already committed and wanting some inspiration.

Vegan Gifts from Cookify

Cookify celebrates being a vegan at any time of the year, by producing two quirky vegan t-shirts and Aprons that are playful gifts for yourself or your favourite vegan!  Our Vegan themed t-shirts and aprons are made from high quality cotton and are printed in the UK.

Vegan T-shirts


Vegans Rock aprons

More about Cookify

Cookify are a UK family run business, producing a range of quality kitchenware and gifts from vintage designed kids aprons through to humorous and quirky mugs, that inspires both families and businesses alike.

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