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Personalised Aprons – Why One Size Does Not Fit All.

Here at Cookify we are delighted by the recent surge in the popularity of home baking and cooking meals from scratch.

In a 2015 poll conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of The Grocer it was found that 42% of Brits bake at least one a week. The trend effect of the trend has been reported for both men and women (41% and 43% respectively). Encouragingly, bakers of all ages are rolling up their sleeves and donning an apron to bake every week too, with 52% of 16-34 year olds baking weekly or more often.

So what came first – the chicken or the (separated and whisked) egg? Have the Great British public been inspired to get baking by television shows such as The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef? Or is the success of these shows a further indication of a positive shift in awareness and attitudes around the health benefits of home cooked food?

Whatever the reason, we say with confidence that apron manufacturers and retailers have been slow to cotton on the fact that bakers (like cakes) come in all shapes and sizes.

At Cookify we offer aprons in a variety of sizes for both children and adults. For the kids we start at age 3-5 years, which is perfect for the junior master chefs still at nursery, playgroup, pre-school and Reception age. Our kids sizes go all the way up to 10-12years, which are popular with teens, tweens and even suitable for small adults.

We also supply professional quality aprons in Medium Adult and Large Adult sizes too. In fact, almost 30% of our own brand Cookify adult apron sales are in the larger size, suitable for both men and women. Please see our handy size guide for full measurements.

Other apron manufacturers use adjustable plastic clips on the neck straps to make their aprons adjustable. Where this will certainly allow you to move the apron coverage up and down the body, only a purpose made sized apron will have the correct fabric width and cut to ensure a comfy and practical fit.

Adjustable neck straps can also become jammed and, even worse break completely in the washing machine.

According The Grocer poll, a lot of baking done at home is for special occasions such as Family Gatherings 50% , birthdays 67% and also for Christmas (49%), Easter (26%) and Valentines Day (for the romantic 10%). With this is mind, why not personalise an apron, either for your self or as a practical baking gift?

Working with our young up and coming designers we have developed an exclusive range of personalised designs for your aprons, chef hats and even oven gloves. You can express your own personal sense of style in a customised apron in the right size to fit you. You can customise many of our aprons with texts and dates too. We have been honoured to supply many a Happy Birthday Apron, and also Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary Aprons too!

Because when it comes to aprons – they are about so much more than keeping your clothes clean. So cook with confidence in your own special personalised apron. We know that great things come to those who bake…

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