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Personalised BBQ Gifts - Get them while they're hot!

Our thoughts start turning to brighter Spring days and even into early Summer.

BBQs are being bought out of their winter covers and sparked up, apart from the hardened winter BBQers who have probably cooked their Christmas dinner on their all weather/permanent fixture BBQ!

Interestingly, there are many countries all over the world that have a bbq culture, including Korea, India, America, Australia, China and South Africa.  The Argentinians even have a spcial word for a "Grill Master" which is a "Asador". 

The origin of the BBQ is the Caribbean.  The word BBQ stems from a Caribbean Indian tribe called the Taino who cook on a raised wooden grate called a barbacoa.

According to General Bbq Facts, as a result of the our lockdown BBQ and eating at home has become cemented as the UK’s No.1 summer home leisure activity.  Three out of four homes now owning some type of BBQ grill. That's a lot of BBQ-ing going on. 

Another interesting fact from this website is that, what used to be a traditionally male dominated arena, almost a kin to a sport, BBQ’s have become more gender-neutral with women accounting for 49% of all BBQ cooks,  they have slipped by 7% over the last three years to 51% in 2019.

We wonder what the percentage will be for griller cooking over the Summer of 2021?

Don't forget the 27th National BBQ Week 2023, which takes place during the week of May 29th - June 4th 2023.  

Be prepared for the UK's BBQ Week with one of our fab BBQ gifts - for whoever is in charge of the grill!

Best BBQ Gifts

There are lots of accessories out there, but you can't go wrong with a great t-shirt, apron or chef's hat for the true BBQ king or queen. You know the one - they would BBQ everything all year round given half the chance...

BBQ T shirt gifts

Why not browse our curated collection of gifts for your favourite BBQ-er? Specially selected for both quality and fun printed graphics.

Appreciating the heavy action BBQ aprons go through, our gifts are made from strong fabrics that are washable at 60C and retain their prints to be good as new. 

BBQ Griller gifts


We've found over the years that our retro designed BBQ gifts make great long lasting birthday or surprise fun gifts.  

Personalised BBQ Gifts

Many of our hats, t-shirts and aprons can be personalised, not to mention a set for chef's hat and apron. 

Don't stress the chef personalised BBQ apron

Browse our BBQ Gifts Collection

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